Finally, a more twisted place to eat GWARbar - RIchmond Virginia

GWAR is known throughout the Universe for their bloody stage show, irreverent humor and high volume metal/punk, but for years they wanted a fresh way to torture mankind… the service industry! In 2015 GWAR joined forces with Travis Croxton, Richmond’s “Restaurateur of the Year 2014”, to create a menu and cocktail program unlike any other. Michael Derks, better known as BalSac the Jaws ‘o Death, brought his 30+ years of restaurant experience to the table and together the team put together a bar and restaurant like no other.

GWARBar has continued to be a fantasy land of food and beverage, catering to everyone from local punk metal freaks, rock stars, businessmen, celebrity chefs and starving artists. The bar has retained it’s status as a late night hub, a neighborhood watering hole and a place for like minded adventurers to crush beers and enjoy culinary feats.